Trailer Specs

Little Tap Trailer is a 12-tap draft bar on wheels! It was designed for a small footprint, ease of use and speedy service. Perfect for Weddings, Backyard BBQs, Private Parties, Buck’s & Hen’s, Festivals, Public Events & pretty much any function you can think of.

With its draft system, LTT can pour up to 12 products in keg format all chilled by LTT’s refrigeration unit.

It takes 40 minutes or less to set up and pour.

How much alcohol is 8 kegs you ask?

400 litres with an additional spare storage capacity of 200 litres making Little tap trailer uniquely capable of service parties from as small as 100 people to as large as 800 people without an issue.


LTT is 2.1m high by 3.2m long x 1.7m wide when traveling. Once unfolded, it can fit within a 3×3 meter marquee stall space.

What’s onboard:

  • 12 external taps for keg beverages including beer, cider, wine, kombucha, cold brew coffee, pre-mixes cocktails or any other beverage supplied in a keg.
  • A walk-in cool room, suitable for drink cooling capable of holding 12 kegs.
  • A 50-litre water source, for beer glass rinsing, hand and utensil washing.
  • 2 glass rinsers.
  • A hand wash basin and a utensil wash basin.
  • Wastewater catchment.
  • A pop-out bar service area 1.6m long, Glass wear and spirits shelving.
Little Tap Trailer’s storage room can hold a lot of drinks cool.

Little Tap Trailer operates from a single domestic 10 amp powerpoint, with the cool room reaching standard refrigeration temperature of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius within the hour when empty.

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