About us

Who is behind the Little Tap Trailer?

We are considerably young couple living in Perth suburbs with very mixed cultural and work life background.

Adrian aka Ado

Adrian serving customers

Adrian was born in Moonee Ponds, Victoria to a Sri Lankan mum and Aussie dad. When we met, he was managing a branch of a national HR IT company in Perth CBD. Shortly after the shit hit the mining fan, economic downturn saw Ado unexpectedly redundant instead of promoted to a state manager. Tough tidies.
After a period of stay-at-home kitten daddy and random ABN jobs for start-ups and friends, Adrian’s sister Elise convinced him to try his luck in hospitality.
Ado has rediscovered his forbidden love for beer (Shark put him on a low carb diet bout that later.) and even commenced to study it. Or maybe it was just a lame excuse to drink more beer. Cicerone or not, Ado has been loving his new career so much he decided to buy a mobile fish freezer from a guy in Margaret River and custom-build what you can now enjoy as Little Tap Trailer. He continues to work for local hospo venues and brewers keeping his taste buds on the tap of the latest in craft drinks happenings. One day he might even brew his own.

Sharka aka Shark

Shark comes from the land of Pilsner nowadays known as Czechia. (Not Czechoslovakia since 1993!) She came to Australia 9 years ago to swim at beautiful beaches, chase the sun and happy-go-lucky lifestyle. Like many immigrants, she had to abandon her well-established career in digital marketing and study several pretentious diplomas to keep legit visa status. While finding the right sponsorship to become an Aussie Shark she worked in several restaurants and bars across the Perth village. From The Brisbane, The Queens, Tiger Lil’s to Sienas, to name a few. She’s become a true-blue Shark 4 years ago and since then pursued her passion for fitness. Shark is now a Group fitness instructor and teaches yoga several days a week. She’s also a Coms Manager and vivid waste warrior so LTT is hell sustainable and looks after our WA environment.